‘Dreams of the Small Gods’ is a 20-minute show about the triple nature of woman; as animal, as human and as goddess or spirit being.

During the show the audience sees the solo female performer morph from animal into human. In the human incarnation she is visited by the horned mask – ‘Magnus’, who calls on her to transform herself. With his help she becomes a mythological creature, part human, part animal.

Inspired by mythology from several parts of the world, ‘Dreams of the Small Gods’ celebrates the human need for fantasy, looking at how we created our own gods to help us make sense of the world we live in.


Tech requirements:

  • Rigging for static trapeze at 5.5m+
  • Two attachment points in front of trapeze for lightweight pulley system
  • Crash mat + tarpaulin to cover
  • Assistant to operate pulley. Rehearsal time to be taken into account.
  • Lighting system
  • Sound system + someone to operate

Hosted by:

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With thanks to all those who backed the Kickstarter funding; Helen Keller, James Turner, Iddo Oberski, Jona Oberski, Morag Deyes, Ellen Dickie, Darragh McLoughlin, Topher Dagg, Philike de Lara, Marijke Knipscheer, Rachel Amey, Charlie Menzies, Tamsin Haggis, Gerard Klein, Margaret Smith, Jac Hielema