Aerial Deviation

Aerial deviation = aerial, but not as we know it. The workshop is geared towards the aerial disciplines but veers off-course from the practice of learning set ‘tricks’. All styles, tastes, interpretations and impulses are valid – the participants have freedom to explore their capacities as aerial performers, without judgement or pressure to behave in a certain way. Taking influence from dance, performance art, physical theatre and philosophy, aerial deviation focuses on the innate, authentic qualities of each participant as a performer.

See ‘AGENDA’ for specific dates.

Nitty-gritty trapeze technique

A detailed look at the movement and intention of the body within the frame of static trapeze. The workshop is a good preparation for starting dynamic and release work in the air. Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels.

Material will include:

Beats (hanging, hocks and others)
Movement efficiency
and more…

See ‘AGENDA’ for specific dates.


Zinnia offers one-to-one trapeze and act creation tutoring on arrangement. Please contact for more info!